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BRENTON ROWE (Australian National Athletics 5000m Champion & Representative)

"Since moving to Geelong five years ago Anthony has provided me with an exceptional level of care in both treating and also preventing sporting injuries. His immense wealth of knowledge and experience is evident in his approach to treating individuals and personally contributing to me reaching peak performance and health in my pursuit of elite sporting achievements."


"I have been seeing Anthony for over 2 years, I have a lower back condition that causes a lot of tightness in my back and down through my legs. By seeing Anthony I am able to continue my normal physical work and also enjoy sports and life in general. I am always happy with the service as well as the results" 


"With a stress fracture to my tibia and pelvis from running I was in desperate need of finding a good myotherapist, that could help me in both rehab and getting back to running. Anthony Garnier Myotherapy has given me the utmost in professional care. He has concentrated on my individual needs and even though I am still in rehabilitation, I can definitely say my pain has decreased and my mobility increased. I am convinced that through both rehab and corrective exercises I will again be pain free and running again."


"I am a long distance runner and have been seeing Anthony for myotherapy treatment for several years. Without Anthony's skill and knowledge I would not have achieved many of my goals. Anthony has kept my body finely tuned and injury free - enabling me to run day after day. He is professional, skilful, knowledgable and has an amazing amount of experience. He treats his patients individually and has a lovely bedside manner… I would recommend Anthony to anyone needing treatment for any sort of physical ailment - or just maintenance of an injury free body :)"


Anthony is professional, dedicated to helping people, and an expert in his field.  I had my first appointment with him a few years ago to sort out a chronic running injury.  He has an holistic approach to health and fitness, and he very quickly identified and treated the source of my injuries.  He also recommended a course of exercise and strength work to get me back into my daily running routine.  I’d recommend Anthony for treatment of sports and chronic injuries – he’s a great myo and his treatments are really effective. 


As an endurance mountain biker, I spent two years suffering with a back injury that left me operating at less than my potential. I had essentially resigned myself to believing I couldn’t handle the training and racing to continue doing what I was doing. However, several friends recommended Anthony and specifically his dry needling capabilities. I was skeptical at first since nothing seemed to work for me with any other therapists. As soon as I began seeing Anthony, I saw immediate results, which ended up getting me back on track at first and then operating a level that enabled me train and race at a much higher level - resulting in winning the 2015 24 Hour SS World Championship and 2016 24 Hour SS Australian Title. Thank you Anthony for helping me achieve my goals.

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